Canada’s Culinary Heritage

Alex Harvey
Cross-country Skiing World Champion
Why this recipe?
« This recipe is my girlfriend’s idea. »
Alex Trebek
Jeopardy Game Show Host
Why this recipe?
« This recipe comes from my French Canadian mother Lucille. »
Bruny Surin
Olympic Medallist in Track and Field
Why this recipe?
« This recipe is from my native country, Haiti. »
Bryan Baeumler
Real Estate Entrepreneur and TV Show Host
Why this recipe?
« This is my gracious wife’s recipe. »
Colm Feore
Why this recipe?
« It’s simple, I made it up to bring together a lot of stuff that my wife, Donna, likes to eat. You can serve it with any protein that suits your taste. »
Daniel Lanois
Musician and Producer
Why this recipe?
« This is the meal I like to cook when I have friends coming over to my Los Angeles home. The atmosphere is convivial and everyone can help themselves directly from the stove.I also cook it occasionally for my family for Christmas. »
Geneviève Borne
Television Host, Reporter
Why this recipe?
« This recipe is a combination of dishes I ate while in India and Southeast Asia. When I prepare it, it takes me right back to the ambiance of my travels! »
Jean-Philippe Wauthier
TV and Radio Show Host
Why this recipe?
« This is my grandmother Thérèse’s recipe.She used to make the very best white cakes in the world! »
k.d. lang
Pop and Country Singer‐Songwriter
Why this recipe?
« Before I became vegetarian, gluten free, fair trade and organic… (eye roll), as a kid I ate something that I later began to refer to as Canadian S'mores. They are a fond memory of my childhood… a simple but most delicious treat. It is one of my best childhood memories and worth a try for sure. »
Lisa LaFlamme
CTV News Anchor
Why this recipe?
« This recipe has been my favourite since I was a little kid. I believe, back in the 1960's, E.D. Smith used to put the recipe on the side of the can and it is a sure-fire winner. My mother STILL makes it for me every time there is a special occasion. Why mess with a good thing? »
Lynn Crawford
Celebrity Chef
Why this recipe?
« The recipe was developed as a way to utilize the incredible honey Chef Lora Kirk’s bees have produced. This recipe is a perfect for summer time cooking as it is easy to prepare and will make you look like a culinary pro to your friends and family. »
Manjit Minhas
Minhas Breweries and Dragon on Dragon's Den
Wy this recipe?
« This recipe is by my mother, Rani. »
Marianne St-Gelais
Olympic Medallist in Speed Skating
Why this recipe?
« This is a family recipe created on the shores of Lac-Saint-Jean. I often prepare it with trout freshly caught by my father, who returns from fishing while the whole family is gathered at the cottage. »
Martin Picard
Celebrity Chef
Why this recipe?
« This is my father Gilbert's recipe. He used to call it ‘his macaroni’ but he always used fusilli pasta. He would tell everyone about his macaroni, letting them believe he often cooked for his family. In reality, he only cooked for us twice, but both times, he prepared this recipe with fusilli pasta. »
Marina Orsini
Why this recipe?
« This is my aunt Marguerite’s easy recipe! Marguerite was my mother’s youngest sister and a wonderful cook. I wanted to pay tribute to her. One day, I phoned her because I had 7 croissants that had become a little too dry but that I didn’t want to throw away. She gave me some directions and voilà! This delicious dessert was born! »
Mike Holmes
Businessman and TV Show Host
Why this recipe?
« My family makes fun of me because they think I can’t cook, but honestly this is the best meatloaf ever. I used to make this with my kids when they were little but it’s been ages, so, recently I decided to make it with my grandkids, Wyatt and Emily. Boy, did we have fun! I loved the fact that I’m sharing this with the next generation. »
Paul Martin
Former Prime Minister of Canada
Why this recipe?
« This recipe is part of our family’s heritage. It is prepared and served mostly during the Christmas and New Year festivities. »
Penny Oleksiak
Olympic Medallist in Swimming
Why this recipe?
« One of my creations! »
Roméo Dallaire
Senator Retired Lieutenant‐General and Humanitarian
Why this recipe?
« This dish reminds me of army cadet summer camps in Farnham. It was the only tasty meal and the only meal served generously. »
Terri Clark
Country Singer
Why this recipe?
« This is my secret (but not so secret anymore) family turkey stuffing recipe. It is always the biggest hit at holiday dinners and reminds me of my mom every time I make it. »
Wayne Gretzky
Former NHL Hockey Player
Why this recipe?
« This recipe was passed down to my family by my grandmother. It is of Ukranian origin. It’s on the menu at my Toronto restaurant. »
Véronic DiCaire
Singer‐Impersonator and Entertainer
Why this recipe?
« Ms. Murphy is my grandmother, Yvette. Every summer, she prepared this stew with vegetables from her garden. We loved eating it with a slice of house bread and a few splashes of vinegar.To me, this recipe is typical of the great big French-Canadian families. »
Oliver Jones
Pianist and Composer
Why this recipe?
« We call this Chicken in a Hurry because it’s very easy and absolutely delicious. It was created out of necessity-a meal needed to be made and time was short! It’s very flexible (and forgiving) and you can substitute the chicken for turkey or pork. Perfect for folks on the go! »
Darrin Rose
Stand-Up Comedian and Match Game TV ShowHost
Why this recipe?
« I went to Morocco a few years ago and had tagine chicken every night. I also saw a wingless owl fight a snake. Interesting place. »
David Walmsley
Why this recipe?
Why this recipe?
« This recipe comes from my mother, who knows what winter needs are. »
George Canyon
Why this recipe?
« This recipe was passed to me by my wife Jennifer a few years ago and it’s such an AMAZING steak that I have to share. She was given this recipe by longtime family friends. »
Arthur B. McDonald
2015 Nobel Prize Recipient in Physics
Why this recipe?
« I love blueberries from Nova Scotia or Sudbury, two of my favourite places. The recipe is from my wife, Janet. »
Carey Price
NHL Hockey Player
Why this recipe?
« This bannock recipe is the one I use at home. When we were hunting and camping in the Itcha Ilgachuz mountain range, I substituted water for the milk and eggs. This recipe belongs to my grandmother, Theresa Holte. »
Lise Watier
Why this recipe?
« While I was living in Mexico in the early 1970s, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the culinary culture of this beautiful country. The Mexican shrimp dish has been one of my favourite dishes, which I served to my friends, who always inquired about the recipe. »
Louis‐François Marcotte
Celebrity Chef
Why this recipe?
« I used to cook this recipe in my first restaurant in Verdun, Quebec (Simple Chic). It was very popular. It was inspired by the veal chuck roast my mother used to cook for us, and still does to this day, every Sunday evening. »

Other personalities

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